Here are just a few samples of the quality work done at Mid Montana Firearms. Contact us today to find out how we can repair, modify or maintain your own firearms.

An example of our jeweling finish on a Remington 700 bolt.

Top break revolver after finishing with Duracoat Durablue.

Revolver prior to refinishing.

AR-15 sidecharger finished in Cerakote titanium.

Winchester 1906 22RF 9 shot group before barrel relining.

A 9 shot group from the same firearm after the barrel was relined. Quite a difference!

AR 15 Black Gold Custom Sidecharger in 6.5 Grendel with Cerakote Micro Slick to BCG.

Remington 700 rechambered in .223 Ackley Improved.

Remington 870 tactical build with burnt bronze Cerakote finish and jeweled bolt.

The left side of the Rem 870 tactical build.

Glock pistol with jeweled extractor and barrel shroud.

We also offer custom reloading to your specifications.

Browning 78 rebarreled to 270Win 1x8 twist finished in Cerakote socom blue.

Custom 6XC with Defiance action, custom contoured and polished barrel, epoxy bedded in a Grayboe stock. Wickedly accurate!

Steyr Action with burnt bronze Cerakote finish and Kryptex Universal print.

An old Belgian wallhanger with Damascus barrels, prior to rust bluing and minor refinishing.

The same Belgian firearm after bluing and finishing.

A close-up of the beautiful Damascus steel on the Belgian gun.